Dub Fx ‘Step On My Trip’ – Freear (Slamboree Remix)

Dub Fx ‘Step On My Trip’ – Freear (Slamboree) Remix

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May 16th last year was the debut release of ‘Gizmo Stomp’ by Ekaj and Freear on Ape Music. This launched them into the Beatport charts at #42 with some wicked remixes from Freerange Djs, Snareophobe, Resistance, Ash Howell, Jefr Tale & Tomlinson.

Just before this all happened Freear finally managed to put together a full live band that he had been planning out for a while. The idea for it had grown from wanting to combine underground electronic music with a full live band and an underground circus scene. So his mission for 2011 was to collect an army of all his fave musicians to jam with and team them up with an array of stage performers and magicians, with some fire and pyrotechnics in the mix if they could manage it. Basically, a band where there’s always something to look at and surprise you, whilst jamming electronic and acoustic music with heavy beats to dance to.

This eventually took shape in March 2011 and became known as Slamboree (www.facebook.com/slamboree). They were amazed for this to quickly result in them touring the British festival circuit, playing at some wicked places such as Glastonbury’s Bassline Circus, Boomtown Fair, Electric Picnic, Beatherder & Shambala. Ireland’s Electric Picnic was especially good as they were flown out there to be the resident band for Arcadia Spectacular, who design the most cutting-edge stages we’ve ever seen:)


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